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JMathPlot is a small library for doing various types of statistical plots, such as histograms, line plots, bar charts, box plots, pie charts, and so on. It currently is in the beginning stages of development; the only plot type currently implemented is the histogram.


The Executive Summary™ of features


Why should I use this?

This one is mathematically accurate, and the interface is simple. With some plotting objects, the developers assume that users will give it pre-handled data, with the bar heights calculated. I feel that that's the job of the class. Thus, you give this one the raw data, and it calculates the height of each bar, the bounds, and so on. And, you can change the number of sections in realtime, you can manually tweak the bounds, and everything just works. It won't even compile for me if there is a function without a javadoc comment on it! (thats a compiler option on my end. It doesn't apply to your programs.)

Also, this has full javadoc documentation. Other libraries require that you understand variables like "ab" and "ac" without comments. We (that's the developers’ we) feel that people shouldn't need to be able to read minds. Everything should be very clear. Thus, if something is unclear ar not documented well, please file a bug report about it! Lack of documentation was the whole reason I created this, so I might as well fix it.