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Plotlib is a java library that plots various mathematical and statistical plots, such as bar charts, histograms, box plots, and line plots. It is very well documented, easy to use, and accurate. Not to mention, small!



This must be the most customizable plot library on earth. You can change the paint used to draw a plot, use your own custom drawing function (it gives you the data, ready to plot), or do whatever. You can add your own custom drawing functions for preprocessing, postprocessing, the background, or drawing the axes. Our feeling is, it’s your program, and you know what you want your plot to look like better than we do. So, we don’t restrict you one bit.


Easy to use

These plots do (almost) all of the work for you. You give it your raw data points, and it calculates where points should fall; it scales everything properly; and it doesn't require you to massage your data into a bizarre format. For a histogram, you don't specify how wide each bar is or how high each is; you give it your data, and it does all of that for you. If you want to make a quick graph, but don't want to learn thousands of things about that type of graph, this is for you.



This has full JavaDoc documentation. It won't even compile for me if there's something that isn't documented. So, you don't need to guess what aa or ax is. We tell you everything, and variable names are, we believe, descriptive.



Given all of it's features, you would expect this to be a very heavy library. The amazing thing is that it isn’t that big! The jar file is only 5K. That really isn't that big. While it could be smaller, we’ve done a pretty good job of reducing the size. You can rest assured that JStatPlot won't bog your web server/computer down with tons of code you really don't need or use.



This works with most versions of java. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine, for a moment, that this is a picture:

Vendor Compatible JDKs Compatible JREs
Sun 1.4.*, 1.5.* (aka 5.*) 1.4.*, 1.5.* (aka 5.*)
Blackdown 1.4.* 1.4.*